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Updated Jan.2, 2017

Watch the trailer!
"Tokyo Story - one minute trailer トレーラー"
Click on the image to zoom and start movie (Hint: You can click the "Full Screen" icon after it pops up)

Click on the image to zoom and start movie (Hint: You can click the "Full Screen" icon after it pops up)

Watch "Tokyo Story" Trailer on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/144587698

My award winning short film “Tokyo Story” was selected for screening at The Black Bear Film Festival in Milford Pennsylvania in the Salon Section in the program entitled “The Art of the Short Film -- What's New?” on Saturday October 15th from 11-12:30. There will be a panel discussion where I will be represented by my sister Leslie Lacika in my absence. Great chance to see some of my work in you live in the area. http://www.blackbearfilm.com/events/salon-films/
Held at Pike County Public Library, 119 E. Harford Street, Milford, PA  18337

☆エドワード・レビンソン制作短編映画「東京物語」が、Black Bear Film Festival(Milford、ペンシルベニア州)で上映されました。2016年10月15日


Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network Selects “Tokyo Story” by to be part of their prestigious line up of true independent cinema at this years Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2016!

March 15, 2016 - From Press Release: Edward Levinson was recently awarded an official selection for his film “Tokyo Story” which was selected out of 1200+ global entrants, to screen at the prestigious Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival. At the event all of the films will be scored by the attending audience, where the winners are potentially screened at the ten proceeding Lift-Off global events, with the ultimate aim to give filmmakers like Edward Levinson the best exposure possible as they embark on their continued artistic journeys within the film industry. Full Press Release here. (View “Tokyo Story” Trailer below)


What: Short Film. Feature Film. World Cinema. Documentaries. Live Action Narratives. Animations. Music Videos.
Location: UPLINK Factory in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Link for tickets チケットのリンク
Festival Website and Program Details

Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network currently has festivals in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.


James Bradley Co-Director and Co-Founder of Lift-Off says…
"Getting into any Lift-Off Film Festival is a massive achievement. The world of independent film has grown so much over the years that many of the grass rooted filmmakers and emerging professionals are left without much of a platform. We felt that many of these artists who were producing exceptional work were being hugely ignored – and deserved to be seen! Our judges are rigorous and we are quickly building a reputation of finding true undiscovered talent."

"Tokyo Story" receives an "Award Of Recognition" from Best Shorts Competition

Dec 2015 - "Tokyo Story" receives it third award being given an "Award of Recognition" from the Best Shorts Competition, an avant-garde worldwide competition. Press Release info here.


これで3つの賞の受賞となります! プレスリリースはこちらで。


From the Press Release: "In winning a Best Shorts Award, Edward Levinson and Light Time Movies joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award including The Weinstein Company for Market Hours, Disney Interactive for Vinlymation: A Love Story and Oscar winning production Mr. Hublot from Laurent Witz from Luxembourg. Rick Prickett, who chairs The Best Shorts Competition, had this to say about the latest winners, “Best Shorts is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world from powerhouse companies to remarkable new talent. The Best Shorts Competition helps set the standard for craft and creativity. The judges were pleased with the exceptional high quality of entries."


“Tokyo Story” chosen for “Open Door Short Film Showcase” 2015 

Nov. 2015. Edward Levinson’s short movie “Tokyo Story” has been honored with an “Official Selection” Award from “Open Door Short Film Showcase" 2015. “Tokyo Story” is an Official Selection in the category “Experimental” and also receives a “Golden Key Award”. The trailer for “Tokyo Story” is now featured on their UK based online showcase website with a short review. Please have a look!


2015年11月エドワード・レビンソン制作の短編映画(12) "Tokyo Story"「東京物語」が“Open Door Short Film Showcase 2015”の実験映画部門で公式入選し、同時に「金の鍵賞」を受賞しました。予告編は次のサイト(英国のオンライン映画ショーケース)でご覧になれます。

From the review on their website:
“Interesting sound design accompanies (and compliments) this visually unique look at Tokyo. We journey around the city seeing the people and places of a land so culturally rich. The fairytale music makes this experimental short film seem even more otherworldly. Be transported.”


"Tokyo Story" receives Honorable Mention for “Best Cinematography” from the LOS ANGELES FILM REVIEW INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS 2015

April 2015, My newest short pinhole movie “Tokyo Story” also received an Honorable Mention for “Best Cinematography” from the LOS ANGELES FILM REVIEW INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS 2015 and is listed as an Award “Official Selection” for 2015. “Tokyo Story” previewed at Olympus Gallery in Tokyo and Osaka last fall 2014 has had screenings at various public and private venues. You will have to wait a while before the full version of it is available on the internet, so in the meantime check out the trailer above.

2015年4月、私のピンホール短編映画の最新作「東京物語“Tokyo Story” 」が、 the LOS ANGELES FILM REVIEW INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS 2015のベスト「映画撮影術」“Best Cinematography”」部門の選外佳作an Honorable Mentionに選ばれ、同賞の公式選定作品“Official Selection”としてリストアップされました。昨年末のオリンパスギャラリー東京/大阪の私の写真展「都会の美とシンボリズム」で、この映画を先行上映しました。ネットで鑑賞できるまでしばらくお待ち下さい。上にあるTRAILERをご覧下さい。

More Pinhole Movies

My previous three Pinhole Movies are embedded here, newest one is on top.
Click on the image to zoom and start movie

"Into The Woods"
Click on the image to zoom and start movie

Music by: John Kaizan Neptune

Vimeo Link https://vimeo.com/71003470
You Tube Link  

“Looking For the Sun”
Click on the image to zoom and start movie

Music by: Kevin Gray

Vimeo Link https://vimeo.com/70991155
You Tube Link  

"Face the Light”
Click on the image to zoom and start movie

Music by: Zo Tobi

Vimeo Link    https://vimeo.com/70986843
You Tube Link  

You can also see these three pinhole movies on VIMEO, a video sharing website. Some are on You Tube as well. (See below)
この上のベスト3実験ビデオをVIMEO 動画共有サイトも見えます。

Edo Photos Vimeo Channel (Videos動画サイト)


Retrospective Pinhole Portfolio with Jazz Music (still photos to movie)
Click on the image to zoom and start movie. Click the HD button to watch highest quality.

Music by: Adam Cruz

Vimeo Link https://vimeo.com/76205767
You Tube Link

-EARLIER editions and other Movies-

The movies below here are on youtube! They are earlier versions. The ones of above have since been edited slightly. これよりの下ビデオはyoutubeです。以前のバージョンです。上記のものは現在は少し編集されています。

“Face the Light”

Another experimental short 1 minute video.
Something positive in remembrance of the 2nd anniversary of the 3/11 Disaster in Japan.

もう一つの短い実験ビデオ - 1分3/11の2周年追悼です。明るいイメージです。

“Looking For the Sun”

Healing Landscapes series short video. 2.5min
View on Youtube here.
新しい 実験、短いビデオ「太陽を求めて」「癒す風景」 2.5min

Music by: Kevin Gray http://www.hemlockmusic.com/


“Winter Solstice Dream”

Short video from footage taken on Dec 21, the Winter Solstice in Japan. Watch on YouTube at this link. 2 Minutes
実験、短いビデオ、冬至の日に撮影しました。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPgS3EH0Bxw

Music by: John Kaizan Neptune

Still Photos to Movie


“Tokyo Walking” click for movie, ここでクリックして

About: Still photos of Tokyo into movie from the compact digital camera series.

Music by: John Kaizan Neptune

See and share on YouTube here.

Watch My Pinhole Sampler Movie @ YouTube!

This movie is a sampler of 26 photos from my award winning book "Timescapes Japan - A Pinhole Journey" published in 2006. Signed and inscribed copies of the book are available by ordering on my book page.

ソローヒルガーデンビデオできました! Solo Hill Garden video posted here

こちらへ http://www.t-shizuka.com/blog/solohillgarden.html
Check out this new video of my garden here with narration by my partner Shizuka Tsuruta view and share on YOU TUBE here

Edo Photos Vimeo Channel (Videos動画サイト)
エドがYou Tubeで
Edo Photos You Tube Channel


「タ イ ムスケープス・ジャパン」
 ー 針 穴で撮る日本の原風景ー のサンプラー宣伝ムービー出来ました。