Edo Photos エドフォト

Pinhole and Natural Life Photography

I am an American fine art and editorial photographer specializing in Pinhole Photography. I have lived in Japan since 1979, and it has obviously influenced my photography. My work is exhibited in Japan, the U.S.A., and Europe. (See Profile and Artist's Statement for more info.)

Fine art prints are available for sale to individuals, galleries, and museums. I also publish my work in a variety English and Japanese of magazines as photo essays on their own, and as illustrations for articles on various themes. I often do the writing that accompanies the photographs in these stories. If you are interested in buying or using my photos in some fashion please feel free to contact me directly. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY PHOTOGRAPHS WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION.
Please contact me about usage.

作品は、お買い上げいただくことができますので、メールでコンタクトして下さい。なお、このサイトの写真は、私の明白な許可無しには絶対に使用しないよう、お願いいたします。 メールでの連絡

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