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Photo Book "Timescapes Japan" by Edward Levinson

Comments from readers and reviewers about the book

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Excerpted with permission from Black and White Magazine June 2007 #51*.

"This volume...... is a beautiful interpretation of three worlds of
Japan that are inseparable to Levinson - the world of nature , the world
of the spiritual, and the world of the manmade. His landscapes are
meditative...The etheral can be seen in a seascape,where land merges
into water...into sky... where times seems to stand still. Levinson's
cityscapes are about parallel lines and lives...shadowy always on the
move people...juxtaposed with the stark, angular graphics of the

*book review copyright by Shawn O'Sullivan

August 5, 2006

Hello Eddie,
The books arrived today. Many thanks. The book is gorgeous- a hardback- very impressive.
So glad the commentary is in English as well as Japanese. The Japanese "script" is very elegant
and is perfect with the lyrical nature of your pinhole photographs.

Willie Anne Wright, USA Pinhole Artsist

Sept 14, 2006

I was doing some research online about pinhole for a photography class (b/w
2nd semester at a community college here in Phoenix, AZ) I am taking, and I
ran across your website. I really love the style of your photos, especially
the pinhole and natural life landscapes!  I am hoping to do some pinhole
photography in the class later this semester myself, and I hope they come
out half as nice.

Thank you!

Karen D.,  Phoenix Arizona

October 9, 2006

dear Edward
I have received your book, it's so beautiful!.
a lot of my
friends have appreciated.  
best regards follow the light!

Claudia, ITALY

November 20, 2006

Dear Ed,

I received your book on Friday.
I'm very impressed and enthusiastic about it!
I think I will leaf through this inspiring book very often.
Thank you.


December 8, 2006

Hi Ed--

I received the book yesterday. It is such a beautiful book, and I am  enjoying losing myself
in your serene imagery. Even the cityscapes, by virtue of the passage of time, are quiet and meditative expressions.
And not a single image of Mt. Fuji! :-)    
It is truly an insider's interpretation of Japan.

I can't wait to show it to my Japanese shodo and sumi-e sensei and the other students.

Jan Kapoor,  USA  Pinhole Artist

December 13, 2006

Hi Edo-san!

We've got your book and thank you!  What a great photography!!!!!!  So nice to see all your work which we haven't seen. 
And great to find the one we have in our house and the one of the big old tree at Seki house!! 
Your photography has a magic ...... magic to take us back home......
"Home" where we all once have left behind....... and where we all go back again someday. 
  Looking forward to more wonderful works!   Mahalo again and have a peaceful holiday!

                                              with Light of Love, Shigeko and Marcus

February 2, 2007

Levinson san

Thank you for visiting.
I think your picture book  so sophrosyne.
During I talk with you, time is passing very slowly.
Desert of my mind would be moistened.

With my best regards.

Mr. K,  JAPAN  Magazine Editor

February 8, 2007

Hi, Eddie,
What a special birthday gift!  Thank you for signing your beautiful book of photographs. 
Your inscription makes a very special gift even more special.  
You truly capture in your exquisite photographs the "essence of being."
With warmest thanks,
Joyce USA

Apr 30, 2007

 At any rate, it's a peaceful Sunday and so I endeavored to find  solace in some sort of creative or busy work.
However, what I  ended up doing was sitting in my living room looking through your  book -Timescapes Japan...
- and as usual I found that just slowing down to experience the pictures made me slow down too.
It helps me  regain my equilibrium. And that's always a good thing.
 I'm especially drawn to the pictures of paths and mountains and  rivers. Rivers are pathways after all.

I love your book and so did my mother.

Mary Mallory,  Richmond VA USA

May 3, 2007

   I did get to Richmond yesterday and saw your exhibit at the White Canvas Gallery.  I was very impressed and inspired by your work.  My pinhole cameras have been collecting dust over the past few months and looking at your prints has jump-started my  interest again.  I also picked up your book while I was there.

If your planning to visit the good old US of A during the next year I would like to try to set up a class visit here in Fredericksburg.

SG, Virginia USA

May 30, 2007

Hi Ed.

Cool. The Book has arrived (and one hour later my new pinhole camera, what a day..). Its a outstanding work.
Thank you for the special sign in the book (i think when i make good pictures with my pinhole, i will start a new blog
with the title "look at the light..).

Oh a question to a photo in your book. The picture is on side 41 and has the name "Facing the Light". Is this a double exposure? What is the technique behind this picture? I found that very interseting!

[Answer: The photo Facing the Light is a single exposure. I "jumped in" the scene after I opened the shutter, 4 minute exposure. I was there for about 3.75 minutes.]

Your friend from east germany,


23 Jan. 2008
Good morning Edo-san,

I received the Book today safely.
I am proud myself (my good sense)  of finding truly fine thing!


Have a nice day,

April 10, 2008


May 22, 2008

Dear friend Eduard Levinson,

 I have received your wonderful book, thank you.
Starting tomorrow I will show the book to the audience to the meeting.
The photographs of the book, are beautiful, ¡congratulation!.
You can see in our blog a small mention of the book:


best regards,
Jorge Mónaco. Director del Encuentro, "The 1º National Pinhole Camera Meeting", Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Timescapes Japan, A pinhole Journey, will take all viewers on a journey that will change their lives for ever. The hidden healing power inside the images, will gently open the hearts of all people. Not any words, neither any comments, will be able to express the beauty, the magic touch of love and the soul power of the work realised by Edward Levinson."
- Fran De Frangh (Belgium)

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