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****Edward Levinson Photo Exhibition at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan****
Selections from the “Mind Games” series

Edward_Levinson_Hungry Homeless001

June 4 – July 6th, 2012

30 Photos from the pinhole color collage series. 16 photographs (including several large prints) will be on display in the Main Bar and Restaurant. 14 photos will be on display in the Masukomi Sushi Bar.

***Venue:The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
(Main Bar + Restaurant and Masukomi Sushi Bar)

Yurakucho Denki North Building 20F
Yurakucho 1-7-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006
Tel: 03-3211-3161; Fax: 03-3211-3168


***Visiting the Club: The FCCJ is a member’s club. Non-members, who are not with a FCCJ member, should go to the Front Reception for permission to see show during normal club hours. You will NOT be able to order food or drinks if not a member.
Edward plans to be there on Saturday afternoons. Please see my website
http://edophotobiz.com/page6/news.html Facebook or Twitter pages to confirm. You can join me at a table to enjoy a drink or some food on those days! Open hours 10 am - 10 PM (until 9PM on Saturdays, until 8PM on Sundays!) **Sushi Bar Closed on Sundays!

****About the works:
I have been using pinhole photography for artistic expression since 1993. The “Mind Games” series began in 2005 and is my first major pinhole work in color.
 When I first started using the three-hole “Pinhole Blender” camera it felt like a good tool for creating stories. Usually I search for three scenes or objects that seem to go together. I look for humor, irony, and social statements when combining the three images into one photograph. Sometimes the center image is strong enough to stand on its own; the side-images are used isolate the subject from its normal environment and to draw the viewer into the power spot in the center.

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