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The above photo was taken at the Peace Park Memorial in Hiroshima on the site where the atomic bomb fell. The small statue in the sky is dedicated to the young girl Sadako, who became a symbol for peace. Sadako had leukemia from the radiation and set a goal of making1000 paper cranes believing that would make her better. She died before her wish came true, but making the paper cranes for peace  become a tradition around the world. Japanese school children pay homage to her at the Peace Park.


“Mind Games”

, Crossroad Gallery, Tokyo: 11/29-12/ 11, sponsored solo show of new color pinhole collage work. About 25 images will be shown. Edo plans to be at the gallery 29th, 30th  and weekends. Opening party 11/29, 7-9pm.
Dec 3, 19:00 Edo’s talk event + poetry reading. Charge \500. For Reservations tel. 03-3341-8118
DM こちらへclick here for the DM leaflet


「東京画」 第二 章 東京の住人たち、そのリズムとハーモニー

Tokyo Ga at Gallery 21

, Odaiba,Tokyo 12/3 - 2012/1/29, invitational group show
 "People Living in Tokyo, Their Rhythm and Harmony"
「個 展」
会場=ENTRE DEUX(椿山荘ロ ビー1 の写真専門ギャラリー
フォー シーズンズホテル& 椿山荘 東京・目白 
2011/12/27 - 2012/1/30  http://www.gallery21-tokyo.com
Fine Photo Gallery ENTRE DEUX at Four Seasons Hotel & Chinzan-so, Tokyo:
 2011/12/27 - 2012/1/30 Solo exhibition
(2011/5-6月に東京・お台場Gallery 21 行われた作品の中から選抜しました。Selected works from my previous summer show at Gallery 21)
Gallery E+M, Monochrome Self Portrait Group Show – Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
2011/12/21-2012/1/22 (12/26-1/10休館) 


ギャラリー 東京・銀座 
Eizo Galleria, Ginza Tokyo: 2012, 2/22-3/3 Solo show of selected works from various series


I participated in the 2nd Kozuka Art Festival, in the mountains of Kamogawa showing 12-15 black and white pinhole images from the Healing Landscapes series. I did a talk about my photographs and books on August 13 . See the links below for more info (in Japanese)


Edo is featured in a Sony Japanese website
teaching pinhole photography as a summer vacation project. Text in Japanese, but lots of photos and illustrations so take a look.

New Books, TV, and Exhibition News!
This spring saw the publishing of two new books.

- A book of essays by Edo published by Iwanami Publishers.
Title: "My Way of Planting" Subtitle: "Cultivating a Life in Japan", it is a collection of essays of Edo's living and "growing" in Japan for more than 30 years, kind of a spiritual, cultural memoir with a gardening metaphor. It is published in Japanese by Iwanami Shoten. Hopefully an English version will appear eventually. The Japanese edition has about 50 black and white photos from my archives along with the essays. 2,400 yen + tax. Publishied  3/25/2011.

The book has been favorably reviewed in various Japanese newspapers and magazines.
Click here to see excerpts of the reviews in JAPANESE
Links to the publishers page:

Edward Levinson Photo Exhibition Info

edo_cover_f+b_web copy

- A book of Edo's photos and Shizuka Tsuruta's essays pubished by Asahi Shimbun Publishers. The theme is the various faces of seasonal gardening with references to the Japanese old style almanac. It also includes some food and recipes following the garden seasons. (essays in Japanese) PublishedMarch 30th. More than a 100 photos, 48 pages in color and many more in black and white.


Watch My Pinhole Sampler Movie @ YouTube!
This movie is a sampler of 26 photos from my award winning book "Timescapes Japan - A Pinhole Journey" published in 2006. Signed and inscribed copies of the book are available by ordering on my book page. Makes a nice present.

- Edo's s Photos Published in Nippon Camera Magazine
Some of my new Tokyo Cityscapes taken with a lens compact digital camera appear in the April 2011 issue of Nippon Camera, one of the main photo magazines in Japan. Titled "Fleeting Moments", eight photos appear in a seven page spread as the magazine's opening portfolio. Published in Japan on 3/20. Easily available in Japanese bookstores. Probably available in limited places abroad.

Two Man Pinhole Photo Exhibition: Edo and Yasu Suzuka
Two man pinhole photo exhibition "The Original Landscapes of Japan -World of Pinhole Photography" was held in Tokyo May 18 - June 26, with fellow pinhole artist Yasu Suzuka. Held at Gallery 21 in the Hotel Grand Pacific Hotel Le Odaiba  Tokyo. Curated by "Klee Inc, Paris Tokyo."

I showed 24 black and white images from the Healing Landscapes series.
Here is the link for the invitation card
Snapshots of the gallery show here.

We held three successful curator and artists talks during the run of the show.
More info in Japanese

Eleventh Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

- The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) celebrates its eleventh edition. The international event that promotes the fantasy, art, fun and experience of lens-less photography, will occur on April 24, 2011 and expects to break last year's record that saw the participation of over 3400 photographers from all over the world. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is always the last Sunday in April. In 2011.
Since this is also Easter Sunday, for 2011 only, pinhole photographs taken between April 23 and May 1will be accepted. More info at

A Pinhole Day workshop by Edo was held in Tokyo April 23-24 at Roonee Photography 247. Profits from this year's workshop will go to charity to help the earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan.
View the workshop photos here

- Edo appeared on a NHK-Educational TV program on Feb 12. The title is "Chikara Don", a program where three elementary school kids visit an artist or musician to learn about and experience their craft. They visited my studio and I shared my pinhole photography with them. I also appeared in a scene in the studio. Broadcast in Japan Feb 12 NHK Channel 3, 18:50. (Repeated on Feb 19th at 13:30.) Maybe you can see it outside of Japan on some cable network!


"The Wonder of Japanese Politics"

NEW Domain EdoPhoto.Biz

I am starting another website featuring my lens color photos. There is a small sample there now with more to be added as I have time. The number of images will be increased as I select and get things uploaded. This site is to promote sales and interest in my garden and stock imagery!
still being designed but check it out at

Edo Photo Gallery at Solo Hill is open for visitors several times a year. The gallery  can also be seen via appointment. Please contact me if you have some interest in my work. I have a  large inventory of prints for viewing and for sale at special prices.
Guided tours and mini lecture available for small groups.

Next Open Time:  by appointment
For info in Japanese visit http://solohill.net
For more info in English please contact solo@solohill.net

= News from 2010 =

Edo participated in three pinhole group shows summer 2010.

Edo on TV in Japan
I was on TV in five short interviews that ran for 5 nights June 7 -11th. (to be rerun again in the future.)

Monday to Friday from 20:55 -21:00pm. The program was on BS Asahi channel 5. Called "Kotonoha" in Japanese, the program features what it calls "Earth Artists" with a theme of ecology and slow life.
Japanese web site http://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/kotonoha/

Pinhole Photographic Art Festival 2010 in Kyusyu
I will particpate in the member's group show at this event. For more info in Japanese see

Dialogue Interview in Japanese camera magazine "Photo Con" (Photo Contest)
I was  a featured guest in a dialogue between photographers as part of a series in this magazine. The article came out June 20th in the July issue. Photographer and teacher Daisuke Nagasaka and I discussed my approach to pinhole photography. Article is in Japanese. Magazine website

Edo's Pinhole Interview at The Pinhole Camera.Com Website
I did an extensive interivew with questions created by Brian Krummel author of the book The Pinhole Camera.  The answers provide much insight into my thinking and practice of pinhole photography and life in general. It includes seven photo illustrations. Please have a look. Feedback and comments welcome. Read the interview here!

Exhibition in Tokyo March 2010 in Ebisu

Edward Levinson Pinhole Exhibition
Special Edition Ten - "Land of Light"
Place:  Gallery Malle    http://galeriemalle.jp

20 B+W landscape photos were on display in this cozy venue.
The show also featured a limited edition of 10 small size prints at reasonable prices!
Contact me directly for info on purchasing one fo these special prints.

© Edward Levinson
see the PR Postcard here!

© Edward Levinson

News from 2009 below here:

Edo teaches Japanese top model Mariko Takahashi about pinhole photography in a private woekshop. The lesson was photographed and with an interivew and appears in the summer issue of Ebisu Style Magazine, a free news magazine distibuted at Ebisu Garden Place in Ebisu Tokyo.
Mariko Takahashi's website

Edo Meets John Lennon look-a-like in NYC
Edo's Pinhole photos appear on "Tribute to John Lennon" website.
Two of my Pinhole Blender images of a "John Lennon look-a-like" can be seen on actor
Tim Bianca's 
"Tribute to John Lennon" website. I met Tim when I went to Central Park in NYC to photograph the John Lennon "Imagine" memorial. Tim was there looking like John Lennon and posing with visitors. It certainly made John's message of Imagine All the People feel more real. Tim was a good model/actor. Cheers to Peace and syncronicity!

You can see the photos with these direct links.

Hariana 2009 Annual Pinhole Show at Roonee 247 Photography
May 26 - 31  A call for entires show celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was held at Roonee 247 Photogrpahy in Yotsuya 3 Chome Tokyo. Edo participated as guest with two pieces and attend the party on May 30th.
Visit Roonee's Japanese website

click here for larger invitiation card

Edo in Group Show in Kyoto "Interface"

June 5 -11 featuring 10 pinhole artists as part of PPAS Pinhole Photo Festival in Kyoto at the AMS Gallery located near Nijo Station. Edo showed color work done with the Pinhole Blender Camera



click here for larger invitiation card

Edo in Three person Show in Ginza Tokyo "Everylasting Memory"
June 8 - 13 featuring Edo as guest showed pinhole photos from the Healing Landscapes series with two painter artists. Closing party on June 12th Sponsored by Art Management International Incorported http://www.amic.co.jp/



click here for larger invitiation card

Photo Exhibition featuring photos from Edo and Shizuka Tsuruta's
new book book "The Garden on the Hilltop - A Flower Almanac" (click on "Country Life Books")

An Exhibition "Garden on the Hilltop”
was held at Yaesu Book Center 8th Floor Gallery across the street from Tokyo Station's Yaesu South exit from April 13 -19. Featured: Photos of seasonal flowers, trees, and garden scenes from his and Shizuka Tsuruta's garden in commemoration of the publishing of their new Japanese book "The Garden on the Hilltop - A Flower Almanac" 80 photos were on display. Most are lens photos but some pinhole images were also be included.

 More than 100 books were sold and our book made the Yaesu Bookstore weekly best sellers list.


Mini Pinhole Exhibition in Itabashi Tokyo
"Pinhole Sampler"

A small show was held at the "Itabashi Science and Education Hall" in Itabashi Tokyo

14 black and white pinhole photographs from various series were on display.

This exhibition was  held in conjunction with a pinhole workshop for children who did amazingly well with pinhole boxes and paper negatives.

info in Japanese here


Group Show celebrating Pinhole Day in Rovereto, Italy
at Foto Paolo Aldi Snc, gallery of photographer Paolo Aldi.
4月24ー5月10, 2009 

Edo had four photos from the Cityscapes series in this show.

Featured works by:  
Tom Miller - USA
Edward Levinson - Japan (Edo)
Jean Daubas - France
Marja Pirilä – Finland
Daniel Tubio - Argentina
David Tatnall – Australia

FOTO PAOLO ALDI SNC, via Rialto 47, 38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy
See photos from the show here

This show also traveled to Florence Italy in July and was exhibited at
ACSAF – Archivio Contemporaneo Stampa d’Arte Fotografica –
V.le A.Volta 51 50131 Firenze - Italy


9th Annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2009 will be held April 26
. This year my workshop in conjunction with pinhole day  workshop was held in Tokyo on April 26. The
workshop was organized and sponsored by Roonee 247 Photography, a photo gallery in Yotusya Tokyo. A group exhibition "hariana2009" of these images and others will be shown at Roonee from 5/26-31.
Contact Roonee at phone/fax
 03-3341-8118 (English OKAY!)
Or Visit
Roonee's Japanese website.

 For more info about Pinhole Day visit

Edo gave a guest lecture with slide show of his works at the Nippon Photography Institute on Saturday Jan 31
The lecture was for the students but was also open to the general public.
The students survey after the lecture showed the students were very impressed with the quaity and amount of work Edo has done using pinhole cameras and gained inspiration from seeing the slides and hearing about Edo's photo processes, both the mental and the technical.



Three Person Pinhole Exhibition in Chemnitz Germany
at Neue Sächsische Galerie   
"Ever Present Past"
December 9, 2008 - Feb 1, 2009 was a big success. Pinhole Works by Edward Levinson,
Willie Anne Wright, and Craig Barber were shown. The show was curated by Marko Hehl. This was big venue with 20 photos by each artist  on display. Edo visited the exhibition on Jan 24 when a celebration was held and gave an artist talk and took Polaroid pinhole portraits of visitors to the gallery. A two page spread about the show including 5 photos by Edo appeared in the German magazine "DasMagazin" a city magazine founded in Berlin in 1924.  Several articles about the show also appeared in the local Chemnitz newspapers.


Gallery Website:  http://www.neue-saechsische-galerie.de/

Click here to see photos of the gallery and party

chemnitz_cardfront copy

chemnitz_cardback copy

New Workshop Gallery Added.
Edo held a samll private workshop for four students in October 2008.  A new "workshop gallery had been uploaded on the gallery page. Select "2008FallNEW" from the left menus.

Group Show "Naked Tokyo"

December 9 -14 in Tokyo. Group show with  collection of photographers of various nationalities. Edo had five photos in the show.  His works were color pinhole images made with the three pinhole Pinhole Blender camera.

held at Gallery Deco in Shibuya
Also Visit:
Gallery Deco

Edo's Pinhole Work available through Amana Images Stock Photo Library
"Amana Images", a well known stock photo agency in Tokyo, has put up a flash gallery of Edo's B+W pinhole photographs.
Follow the direct link to Edo's gallery page
Flash Gallery 1 "Shadows" 
Flash Gallery 2 Silkscapes  
Link to
all the Amana Images artists galleries
Link to index of
all Edo's pinhole and non-pinhole work available at Amana Images
Amana Images Website is in Japanese only.

Edo's Pinhole Exhibition in Monbetsu, Hokkaido
was held July 28 - August 17. This was part of the Pinhole Photographic Art Society (PPAS) event that was held August 7-9 in Monbestu Hokkaido at the Mombestu Municipal Musuem. Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer of the Pinhole Resource were in attendance for a symposium and also held an exhibition at the same venue.
more info IN JAPANESE

Pinhole Event in Ichihara Chiba. Edo displayed 16 images from his Pinhole Landscapes series at the Ichihara City "Mizu to Chokoku no Oka" Museum in Minami Ichihara Chiba-ken, as part of a month long pinhole event held from August 1 - 31.

Ichihara City "Mizu to Chokoku no Oka" Museum Japanese home page

Edo's Photos featured in Nippon Camera Magazine
8  color lens photos from my Japanese countryside series were published in an 8-page spread in one of Japan's major camera magazines "Nippon Camera" in the May 2008 issue which is currently on the newsstand. Please have a look if you can find the magazine.

If you are interested in pinhole or B+W printing workshops or lessons please see the details  on the workshop page workshop info.

Inquires and Registration at workshop@edophoto.com

Edo's Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2008
workshop was held in Tokyo this year
on April 27. The workshop was organized and sponsored by Roonee 247 Photography, a photo gallery in Yotusya Tokyo. A group exhibition of these images and others was shown at Roonee from March 27--June 1. Visit Roonee's Japanese website.

You can see my Pinhole Day photo  here.

Some of the workshop group photos can be seen here

Edo Exhibition + Talk in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture Japan.
was held at Fukui-Ken Sakai-shi Heartopia Harue Hall.
Twenty photos from several series were on display as well as pinhole photographs by local pinholers. Edo was there for a
talk show and book signing.


Edo in Osaka March 15-16th

Edo held an Evening Lecture and Slide show in Osaka - Edo Talks about Pinhole and his book
as part of the Utsubo Photo Festival 2008.  There was a workshop held the next day, the first ever workshop by Edo in Osaka.

"Heartgraphy" photo exhibition
in Chikura, Chiba Prefecture Japan
Jan 29- Feb 24 at Gallery  Schiele.

This was a quaint gallery in a remodeled old Japanese style farmhouse on the sunny Boso Peninsula Coast two hours from Tokyo. On display were 30 photographs from the Healing Landscapes series. The talk show on Feb 10 was a full house and the show was well attended by people from all over Chiba Prefecture and even visitors from Tokyo.


Fall Show held in Kyoto Sept 2007
New work from the Silhouette Stories series was shown.
ississ_card copyississ_show2

See the exhibition page for more info

A Summer show

was held in Tokyo July 17-28th at Nadar
See the exhibition page for details.

Edo on Radio and TV

Edo was interviewed twice live on NHK radio on May 31 and in July 17th. The show hosts discussed his books, workshops, pinhole cameras, and lifestyle. He also appeared on a 8 minute report on NHK TV in July.

Edward Levinson was Awarded: First Prize in category "BOOK-other" (Cover and 4 Inside Images) for the entry titled, " Timescapes Japan ." The jury selected 2007's winners from over 8,000 photography entries from  85 countries.

To read the press release click here
View all winners here at PX3 site.
Please see the book page for details on the book and ordering!

Lecture in Kyoto In English June 2007!
Edo (Edward Levinson) presented a lecture at the Kyoto International School on June 1, 2007
The theme was Pinhole : Photography for Slow Life. This lecture was part of the Kyoto International School's 50th anniversary. http://kyoto-is.org
Edo also did a one day workshop with students at the school as part of their summer program.

New Book  Published April 26, 2007
Title:“Edo's Lessons In Pinhole Photography -Photography for Slow Life”
 Published by Iwanami Publishers.

essay_cover400p copy

[Front and Back covers]

The book is published in Japanese first with hopes of an English edition later.
The original manuscript is in English. Inquiries for an English edition welcome!

This is a not a "how to" book but a "why to"  book of essays of pinhole photography and its relation to life. The book was inspired by the original Edo’s Esoteric Pinholistic Essays which can be found in the

Writings section of this website. An interview about the book appears in the May 2007 issue of Nippon Camera Magazine on page 188.

For more info and PDF Flyer in Japanese with sample photos click here.

Book Review

Edo's Photo Book "Timescapes Japan" (see below and book page)  was reviewed in the Issue #51 June 2007 of Black and White Magazine for Collectors of Fine Art Photography. I will post the review when/if I get permission from the magazine and writer. 

Pinhole Debutes on Nikon Japan's Website
A portfolio of 5 of Edo's Healing Landscapes are being featured at Nikon Web Gallery beginning Dec 28, 2006 and will remain at the the top of that page for one month. (After that it will still be there as a back issue.) The gallery features the work of a new photographer each month and this is the first time for them to show pinhole photographs. The page is English and Japanese and includes my comments on each photo. I use Nikon lens cameras, but am happy that they recognize the artistic merit of pinhole photography.
Visit the Nikon Web Gallery and my exhibit here!nikon

Two New Gallery Albums Added!

Two new galleries have been added to the Gallery Section of this site.
"Silhouette Stories" is part of my new work which was shown at Goraku Gallery in Ginza Tokyo in summer 2006. The Diorama 1 series "Fears and Hopes" was created in 2002 but was shown for the first time in Tokyo in my fall show at Roonee 247 Photography gallery.
Click here and select from the left side menu or enter from the "Gallery" menu above on this page

Exhibition by Edward Levinson

was held Sept 19- Oct 1 2006 at Roonee 247 Photography in Yotsuya Tokyo. 


lease see the exhibition page for more details

Edo's Pinhole Photos in "Waraku" Magazine

 Two of Edward's Pinhole Photographs from the series Sacred Japan and included in his new book were published in the October issue of Waraku magazine. Waraku is very traditonal"Japanesque" kind of publication. In the October issue they did a special section on Kyoto which included black and white photographs by four foreigners taken in Kyoto. These four included Henri Cartier-Bresson, Werner Bischof, Rene Burri, (all of Magnum Photos) and Edward Levinson! Edward's photos included a Q+A interview about his photos and "memories of Kyoto", his first home in Japan. The magazine is in Japanese and is only available by subscription and a few select stores whch can be fouund on the publishers JAPANESE website.

(The publshing of Edo's photos and interview was done with the cooperation of Sebun Photo).

Announcing "Still" Hot off the Press!

A Book of Edward Levinson's Pinhole Photographs
was published June 15, 2006

"Timescapes Japan - A Pinhole Journey"   


Please see the book page for details and ordering!

An interview about the book with Gregg Kemp at Pinhole Visions has been put  on line.
Follow this link to read the interivew and get some insights into Edo's photo process.

[Introduction to the interview by Gregg Kemp, Jul 14, 2006]

"One of the first thoughts I had while viewing and reading Edward Levinson's new book "Timescapes Japan - A Pinhole Journey", was how much my own photography has been influenced by him. The influence isn't so much in the images themselves as it is in Ed's approach to pinhole photography. Whether it is the influence of Japanese culture or perhaps Ed's personal nature, his approach to his work is thoughtful and meditative. And his photographs of the last several years reflect those qualities of his style. This approach is also apparent in his sparse, but elequent writing that accompanies the book. This book is a collection of images you will want to return to often."

 Edward Levinson Exhibition of New Work and Book Publishing Show was held June 19 - July 8th 2006

lease see the exhibition page for more details

  See the Workshop Page for more details about Edo Photos Workshops.

Photo Portfolio in Nippon Camera


My Pinhole Photos are featured in an eight page spread in Nippon Camera Magazine March 2006 issue. This is the first publishing of a new series of dioramas called "Fears and Hopes" with theme of Peace vs the Other Side. Most viewers of my work have not seen this series yet. It is currently on sale in Japan. Maybe you can locate it in good "international" library or bookstore. I will post some of the photos here at a later date.

In February I had a chance to visit the AIPAD The Photography Show in NYC, The amount and quality of work on display was overwhelming. An report by me of the show with photos will appear in the Nippon Camera April issue due out March 20.